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A Story of The Enduring Power of Love & Passion: Rocio Cubillo

When Rocio Cubillo learnt about her husband’s loss of memory, she was devasted.

“The fact that your husband does not remember you or your family was difficult to accept for everyone,” Rocio said.

But she was not deterred by her circumstances. Rocio dived right back into life head-on.

During the pandemic in 2020, when everyone was forced to work remotely, Rocio started a course for what she longed to do since childhood – canine grooming. As a child, Rocio was the happiest when she brushed her dog’s hair. She knew dog grooming was her calling, but she never got a chance to study or practice the art, except on her dog with her mother’s scissors.

“Clearly, it was horrible,” Rocio laughed.

But when the pandemic was upon us, she picked up a course on dog grooming and graduated in 2021.

It’s one thing to learn about grooming and another to face an excited, giant floofball while holding a pair of scissors. Rocio understood that soon enough. But nothing could keep her away from the wagging and fluffy tails. Soon, she started her own studio.

“Grooming is not just associated with improving your pet’s appearance. It helps them with their overall wellbeing and health,” Rocio said.

It has certainly helped her. Not only has Rocio been able to help her family, being with the cute, fluffy tails has brought her joy in pain.

“My family and my dog have been the biggest support in my life. I have just started a new job in CriticalRiver and yet the people have been equally kind and supportive, like my family,” she said.

Rocio hopes that 10 years later, she will be able to run multiple pet shop businesses.

We wish her the best.