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No Boundaries Can Stop a Person Who Dreams Big, Says Thayam

On the banks of the Sorocaba River in São Paulo countryside lies a beautiful city with wavy strands and local ridges named Sorocaba. Apart from its scenic beauty, Sorocaba is famous for being one of Brazil’s major industrial centres, producing cotton and silk textiles, shoes, hats, lumber, cement, aluminum products, electrical equipment, fertilizers, alcohol, and wines. What it lags is opportunities in technology.

Thayam Guerra, country manager at Brazil, was born in this city. Since his childhood, he was inclined towards technology.

“As a small city in Brazil, we rarely get the opportunity to work for multinational companies and expand our knowledge and professional experiences,” Thayam said.

Eight years ago, Thayam decided that he will prove that no boundaries can stop a person if he aspires to dream big and turn it into reality.

In 2014, Thayam started working with Salesforce in a multinational company in Brazil. It was here that he had the opportunity to study, face challenges, participate in varied projects, and develop himself as a consultant.

When an opportunity came in 2020 to travel to Finland to work with a Finnish consultancy company, Thayam welcomed the offer with open arms and a massive amount of curiosity. He knew he was leaving home, but was still willing to take the risk of making the best of the new opportunity.

“In Finland, I had the opportunity to work with different customers, projects, and colleagues from diverse cultures,” he said.

Even though his career was moving steadily, it was not without challenges. Thayam had moved to Finland just before the COVID-19 pandemic. Far from his family and friends, Thayam regrets not being able to be there for those he lost to the pandemic.

“I lost a lot of people here and I couldn’t visit them or their families after that,” he said.

So, when CriticalRiver offered him the post of a country manager in 2022, he grabbed the opportunity immediately.

“It has been an amazing journey in CriticalRiver with different people and cultures collaborating to improve customer’s experience. It is a place where you can be yourself and have flexibility, support to growth, and achieve your personal and professional goals,” he said.