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Nurturing Growth & Empowering Others: Adriana Rojas

It was a significant observation in her life that made her decide to turn into a life coach. Before she turned to life coaching, Adriana was frequently approached for advice and assistance by individuals. They found it easy to confide in her and it became evident that aiding others was a skill that came naturally to her. This realization prompted her to consider the possibility of turning this into a vocation, a means of transforming her knack into a profession centered on aiding others.

In 2015, Adriana decided to embark on the path of becoming a life coach. This choice provided her with the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and resources to assist people even more proficiently, guiding them on their individual journeys toward personal growth and well-being. Nothing could make her feel better than to help someone.

Back then she did not realize that her skills of empathy, active listening, and empowerment would shape her role as an effective leader one day. It was these skills that helped her realize that each team member holds unique potential.

“I had embarked on a leadership journey in Human Resources over a decade earlier. Amidst challenges, I embraced obstacles as chances to grow and prove the boundless nature of determination,” she says.

Guided by exceptional mentors, she shattered glass ceilings, propelled by unwavering support. Their belief in her fueled courage to challenge norms and inspire others.

Becoming a mentor was Adriana’s evolution. At CriticalRiver, her path gained momentum. As Global Employee Engagement & HR LatAm manager, Adriana’s mentoring role deepened.

Collaboration across regions expanded her leadership horizons, leveraging diverse perspectives for global success. “True leadership fosters growth, enabling others to rise above,” she says.

Fusing strength with compassion, Adriana nurtured collaboration, steering each team member’s strengths toward collective triumph. At the same time, witnessing their growth humbled her.

Adriana’s journey transcended boundaries, showcasing leadership’s universal nature. It’s a force beyond gender, background, or limits. Her story underscores that leadership nurtures growth, guides through challenges, and empowers others for greatness.