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Non-profit organizations have many operations that can be developed significantly with the use of software applications. Generally, most non-profits do not have a devoted IT team to manage the non-profit’s technical aspects. The answer to this is to operate with a managed service provider, aka MSP. MSPs enable non-profits to leverage IT teams without paying for the charges that internal IT teams would demand.

To be thriving, today’s non-profit must have a technology team with the know-how to knit together digital transformation technologies to facilitate its mission.

Some of the top advantages for non-profit industries operating with MSPs include:
Data Security

Non-profits are some of the most prominent destinations for hackers globally due to the amount of classified data. Hackers know that non-profit organizations like clinics and foundations are some of the biggest donor capital beneficiaries.

They aspire to gain the vital data that can be used to create ransomware and phishing attacks. It can lead to scams and fraud to both your donors and non-profit. A single successful cyber-attack can impair all your non-profit’s works and close your doors forever. Having a skilled MSP enables organizations to remain vigilant of any security threats that may hinder their goals.


When considering methods to fundraise more capital for your non-profit, operating with a managed service provider is not the initial thought that comes to mind. A great MSP can help sketch the goals and metrics needed for your fundraising campaigns and employ several technologies to drive your efforts.

Most non-profits are uninformed that donors are enrolled in a recurrent giving program. This information coupled with a qualified managed service provider can result in a tailor-made, monthly giving program for your non-profit. Instead of relying on large fundraising drives, your non-profit can be entirely funded by a group of monthly donors that are involved in your goal.

Donor Management

Donor management is one of the most critical features of managing any non-profit. Donors love to understand how their dollars are utilized and the influence it is making in your non-profit. When you work with a MSP, you can employ software to control all donor management aspects.

From email marketing to declaring events, you can use donor management software to guarantee your donor base is notified about your non-profit’s works. By increasing your donors’ engagement, you can ensure you have their sustained support, which directly improves donors’ spending on your non-profit.

Budgeting IT

An IT budget should be a cost-based image of the IT roadmap developed for your company. Loading your non-profit with a strategic IT budget will set the stage for your company’s future and allow your organization to evolve and grow. A skilled MSP will create budgets that meet organizational goals through several planning sessions while also providing the required data solutions and security.

If your business is forced to make budgeting changes, you will have a solid knowledge of your priorities. Those priorities will help distinguish the accurate cuts or reallocations that will have the tiniest bearing on the effectiveness of the strategic plan and the purpose of the non-profit.

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