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An aggregate of agility, flexibility, and business agility has become imperative for manufacturers to grow despite business volatilities. Today, manufacturers face short windows to improve products and supply chain issues, enabling enterprise-wide visibility, optimizing business processes, and shifting towards digital Manufacturing. Process manufacturers must handle the emerging regulatory environment, address EHS issues, assure traceability, and control supply chain inconsistencies.

When we say manufacturing solutions, it begins right from manufacturing to product design to supply chain and service. CriticalRiver’s robust manufacturing consulting services empower manufacturers to deploy best-in-class solutions. With advancements in IoT, data analytics, AI, cloud, and automation, we manufacture digital transformation industries.

CriticalRiver helps you optimize your operations by seamlessly synchronizing processes, supply chains, and customer requirements. Leveraging comprehensive automation, expedited production cycles, and real-time insights, you can adjust to disruptions with readiness while guaranteeing positive results on balance sheets.

With years of manufacturing expertise, we at CriticalRiver help you begin, support, and create true-value returns. We help design tailored digital roadmaps and affect them with the optimized cost and increased quality, safety, and pace of your manufacturing and supply chain operations. Our strategic consulting experience in Manufacturing expedites digital journeys for you to guarantee operational excellence, streamlined prices, and enhanced quality control.

How CriticalRiver delivers consistent performance across Manufacturing?
Digital Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain system connects digital technologies, mobility, IoT, cloud, and Operations Research frameworks with the most advanced supply chain solutions into an agile, smart, and intuitive framework for robust and safe performance. Our solutions have demonstrated abilities to reduce lead times, improve asset utilization, streamline methods, and promote greater collaboration across the value chain.

Transforming Analytics Platform

We implement analytics solutions that leverage human and AI to transform data into actionable insights. We present the business value of insights, better time to insight, and optimize price per insight with a plan thought strategy, data engineering, and automation.


CriticalRiver’s IoT solutions allow companies who operate industrial equipment assets to enhance operational performance. It intelligently predicts breakdowns, instates remedial actions, and expedites the repair process. Our IoT solution is a mixture of cloud-based software and integration services that enable companies to remodel their maintenance model to predict and prevent.

Field Service

Our Field Service takes Field Service to an entirely new level. It offers prebuilt functionality explicitly designed for the individual requirements of field service companies. Our added functionality improves and stretches the current field service system. With our added capabilities, clients can easily streamline service operations, connect field service to ERP and operations processes, and leverage digital transformation.

Cloud Infrastructure

CriticalRiver equips customers with uncomplicated digital-ready IT Infrastructure services around a broad spectrum of components that help them accomplish their business goals. We bring the experience, digital frameworks, and the expertise pool that companies depend on to address quickly evolving demands cost-effectively.

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