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Human resource management (HRM) is a crucial business function for global organizations. HRM’s primary tasks include recruiting, onboarding and offboarding employees, training and development, payroll, tracking vacation and sick days, and employees’ general well-being. Managing these processes manually is time-consuming and complex, which is why leading global enterprises turn to automated systems to streamline their HR operations.

According to a survey by Gartner, HR leaders agree that they need to invest in technologies that cultivate positive work culture and transform HR operations to be more automated and digital for a better employee experience.

HRM involves dealing with people across departments and ensuring that an organization has an optimal blend of skills to achieve its business objectives. The HR team must also create a supportive work environment to retain the talent it hires with robust efforts. Although HR teams have access to various cloud-based project management setups to perform their routine tasks, tool multiplicity in the existing HR tech stack makes data entry more complex and time-consuming. The siloed systems used for specific HRM processes result in delays, conflicting information, and poor user experience.

CriticalRiver’s integrated automation solution for HR

CriticalRiver has designed an automated solution for HRM to streamline essential HR tasks, keep track of employee development, enhance employee performance and elevate the employee experience. We call it HR Accelerator.

Our solution blends advanced digital technologies to automate all HR personnel’s routine processes, including recruitment, HR ERP, timesheets, and payroll systems. The solution has been designed by combining the strengths of technologies, including BambooHR, Harvest, MS Azure, Talenox, Zoho People, and Oracle ERP Cloud.

HR Accelerator is easy to configure and customize to meet an organization’s specific needs and scalable enough to keep pace with the growing workforce. What’s more, it is underpinned by the support of professionals experienced in the nuances of HR systems.

Features of HR Accelerator

Critical River’s HR Accelerator has specific modules for:


It leverages BambooHR to review a candidate’s CV, cover letters, and answers to application questions to check their credentials and experience for a profile. It also enables timely and consistent communication, including auto-populating email templates to keep candidates informed if they have been shortlisted for interviews.


The process begins when HR has confirmed a candidate as an employee. It involves automated provisioning of the new employee’s details in access systems such as Azure and AD/Okta. A user account is automatically created in HRMS, ERP, payroll, and the timesheet system.

Data Synchronization

Whenever there is an update in an employee’s profile on the HRM system, such as appraised salary or a vertical or horizontal movement, the HR Accelerator helps synchronize data across all connected systems. It can identify which record needs to be updated and automatically sends the change in profile to other databases maintained for the employee. The idea is to keep a single, centralized source of employee truth for the organization.


Because it handles multiple data sets for the workforce across departments, HR Accelerator comes with a real-time notification feature so that concerned personnel, such as the compensation and employee benefits team, training and development team, and compliance managers, are instantly informed about changes in the profile of an employee.


When an employee has resigned, retired, or is terminated, HR simply needs to update their last working day and status in the HRM system, and that automatically triggers other processes controlled by HR Accelerator. It keeps the concerned employee’s manager and other teams involved in the offboarding process informed with real-time individual application status notifications.

On the employee’s last working day, all the synced accounts containing details on payroll and HR ERP in Active Directory/Okta and Timesheets are automatically deactivated. The action ensures the stoppage of monthly salary payments. It also helps to calculate the full and final amount to be paid to the candidate on a specific day after the exit interview.

HR Accelerator: How it can Revamp Your HR Operations

Automating workflows with HR Accelerator helps prevent manual errors and reduces the turnaround time that goes into complex HRM processes. For companies that employ full-time, part-time, work-from-home/office, consultant, and freelance workers, it improves transparency and consistency in people management.

By automating HR tasks from recruitment and onboarding to data synchronization and offboarding, HR leaders also track data generated by HR functions more effectively. They can use such information to evaluate employee experience and build a more productive work culture.

HR Accelerator for your organization

At CriticalRiver, we help our clients enhance their digital maturity and position themselves to reap the measurable benefits that automation can bring. Employees trained to use advanced technologies in their daily workflows also expect their HR department to keep up and build work environments where people feel valued. And that is where our HR Accelerator helps.

If you plan to modernize your HR capabilities, promoting innovation, collaboration, and productivity like other business units, build a new operating model with HR Accelerator.

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