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Diversification of organizational ecosystems in today’s challenging times is the norm. Still, it can be testing to organize vast amounts of data. We at CriticalRiver know your business functions on multiple platforms, each with its own applications operating concurrently.

It is vital to accurately assemble all this data, not only for performance but for analytics purposes. Moreover, integrating iPaaS and SaaS initiatives with a mix of Cloud and on-premise applications can be difficult for internal teams to manage alone.

CriticalRiver brings expertise in cross-platform integration, from on-premise to Cloud or vice versa. We help our customers pick the best integration solution that can be easily scaled, adjust as business requirements change, and enable new business models.

We extend an innovative Integration Strategy that empowers clients to achieve their IT objectives at reduced costs, higher performance, and improved visibility.

Your crucial business functions depend on the integration of legacy applications and the increasing misuse of cloud services. Stable, secure, and performance data flows are vital to optimize business methods and decrease the complexity of day-to-day operations.

Integrating database applications to maintain these functions better demands you to examine, plan, and assess the data sets that drive decisions that support and improve your business.

You encounter various complexities related to application/data integration. You must manage multiple tools, templates, and skillsets to achieve high-performing business processes with minimum to null downtime. It means optimizing workloads, maintaining various clouds, and uniting applications to streamline the processes.

How CriticalRiver Expands your Integration Prowess?
Business Integration

As new technologies advance to change the business aspect, companies require a better business integration solution to keep speed. Business integration allows organizations to increase business performance and improve customer experience by combining essential business processes and technologies for higher efficiency and agility.

CriticalRiver’s Business Integration Platform is a solution with extensive application integration abilities, B2B integration, cloud integration, mainframe integration, and much more.

Data Integration

Data integration requires efficiently merging data from several different source files and databases into a single target location for processing and review. Building a data integration pipeline that operates for you can be time-consuming and perplexing from your core business duties. That is why businesses are merging forces with a proficient, experienced data integration partner such as CriticalRiver. Our specialists have a treasure of experience in building data warehousing and data migration solutions.

Salesforce/Oracle Integration

CriticalRiver realizes that with the fast development of the Cloud, mobile, and social platforms, clients are left hamstrung by siloed platforms because they have unique attributes, functions, etc. Siloed systems allow little or no clarity into an organization’s business processes.

CriticalRiver’s Salesforce/Oracle Integration Consultants recognize solutions to siloed system problems for their clients. These solutions always prove to be equipped with high interoperability, natural in design, and user-friendly. Our Salesforce/Oracle Services are cost-effective and can consolidate a solution across all applications.

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