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We cannot stress this fact enough, Data is the king now. Sure, customers are kings as well, but to give the customers a perfect experience, you need customer centric data. Recently, there was a viral “open letter” on Wall Street Journal, someone named Nick Vitale took a one page ad to air his quibbles. The feedback ranged from slice of contents in Burgers to tipping habits in Cabs to hidden costs in Airlines to Cell Phone Manufacturers who practice Cannibalism to make us buy their new models (que in Apple) to Bluetooth speakers in cars. The long letter spoke about how the customer would like to be treated and how he would like certain things. This was a calculated ad placed by SAP to promote Qualtrics. But we are not talking about SAP here. The key takeaway here is that Data is the king.

So, we are here to talk about Einstein Analytics. The Analytical Wing of the extraordinary kingdom of Salesforce. So Einstein Analytics comes with the typical benefits of every company using data in decision-making and the added advantages of well, using Einstein.

Lets’ do a quick checklist.

It’s on the cloud. So imagine the ease of operation, the lack of space and effort consuming hardware. Plus it’s our of a box, literally. Which means it’s plug and play.

It’s cost effective. Einstein, thankfully comes with a pay-per-price feature set combined with a range of packages, this means you choose what you need and do not have to pay for features that are not applicable to you.

It’s easy to use. Einstein has an analysis tool for application and system and incorporates the same into each and every one as well, meaning – integrated, easy-to-use analysis functionality that leads to faster results. It also comes with easy to use tutorials (Trailheads). It also comes with an easy to customize dashboard.

Campaigns get smarter. There is a ton of marketing data, with detailed analysis of funnels, campaigns, lead conversion rates and even the marketing channels themselves, not to mention the unique campaign insight into the individuals who make up that audience.

Be an accomplished Data Analyst. It’s not just Data Science degrees and courses that make you an Analyst, the right tools with the right reports can do the trick. Data is always sensitive and expecting a third party who has not connection to the various experiences in the company is hard and imagine if you, with the wealth of information from past experiences pertaining to your brand has the right information at the right time. It’s perfection.

Einstein Analytics simply means you have an advantage over your competition. Hop on quickly!

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