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Problem Statement: Traditional banking processes for account creation, access to the client area, and account handling are often lengthy, cumbersome, and prone to fraud, leading to increased costs and reduced customer satisfaction.

Our AI-Based Solution: CriticalRiver offers a streamlined and secure account creation process with digital onboarding, access to the client area with facial authentication, and account handling with authentication calls. Our technology utilizes AES256 encryption and timestamps to ensure maximum security and reduce fraud to 0. We also provide KYC/AML checks to verify the client’s identity and share it with the relevant authorities.

Result: Our solution has led to significant savings in operating costs, above 50%, while improving customer satisfaction by offering a simple, fast, and intuitive registration process. Additionally, our authentication calls have increased First Call Resolution (FCR) and reduced costs per call. Our technology is available on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and the Web, and works on any device.

Machine Learning Models: OpenCV2 Local Binary Patterns Histograms (LBPH) Face Recognizer.