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Problem Statement: Banks and mortgages are exposed to high risk of loan defaults and NPA’s and initial risk assessment prior to loan sanction due to changing fraud tactics.

Our Solution Based on AI: We offer AI-powered solutions that analyze various customer-related data and detect customers who are likely to fall into a debt trap. The system also has built-in algorithms for Loan Surveillance Risk Assessment for all types of Loans. The system can monitor customer behavior in real-time and flag any unusual patterns or trends indicating potential risk and provide a comprehensive risk management system for loan portfolios, including automated risk assessment and early alerts for potential issues.

Result: Our AI-powered solutions have helped banking and mortgage clients identify high-risk customers, thus allowing taking required mitigations before sanctioning loans the system also addresses risks, reduces costs, and improves overall performance. This solution offers a self-serve platform for identifying potential risks, and risk assessment, while the Risk Monitoring System generates early alerts to prevent Non-Performing Assets. The system can also help banks maintain a healthy loan portfolio and reduce their overall risk exposure.

Machine Learning Models: Random Forest for prediction.