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Leadership requires exceptional decision-making skills. Business leaders are often judged by the hard choices they make which ultimately shape the destiny of the company. Hence business leaders always need to be on their toes to make decisions, every day.

The Sagacity, Wisdom, Understanding, and Experience always help us see CLARITY in AMBIGUITY to make Better Decisions.

It is always about finding the balance between risks and opportunities that are weighed-in when hard-decisions are needed to be taken. It all boils down to the sagacity, wisdom, understanding and experience that comes to our aid to see clarity in ambiguity and make better and informed decisions.

Successful business leaders in the world will always tell us how they made many incorrect decisions throughout the lifetime of their careers. Those failures, in a sense, make us wiser and guide us in future decision making.

Here are few tips that helps me in decision making on day to day:

1. Core Values-Based Decisions

It is extremely important, to be honest, transparent when making decisions. And once the decision is made, we need to own and take responsibility. This has paid off very well for us at CriticalRiver and it is, in fact, one of the main reasons why we have offered excellent customer experience and continue to grow. Along with the right ones, we have made many incorrect decisions, but we owned and learned from them.

2. On the Spot Decisions

A time comes in everyone’s life wherein we need to make fast, quick decisions, and as a business leader, the onus is always on us to take the call. We tend to rely on our experience to make such a quick decision, sometimes the decisions may turn-out incorrect. And when that happens, we must have the courage of our conviction to own those decisions, which I think is the hallmark of a good leader.

3. Effective Communication Enabled Decisions

The leadership must ensure communication channels are established and put in place across multiple hierarchies. And the right message must be conveyed to the entire leadership to make sure there is honest, transparent, and open communication between all teams.

The key to effective communication is freedom of expression. Employees must be empowered with the freedom to discuss, debate, dissent, and arrive at the conclusion, to work together as a team, and deliver solutions to the customers.

This culture of open communication helps in better decision making that is built on cohesive team spirit and respect for each other culminating in fueling growth for the company.

I would like to sign-off with this great quote.

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision” –   Peter F. Drucker

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