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Anti-Money Laundering Architecture

Our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) transaction monitoring solution manages high-risk transactions as they occur, or retrospectively via batch upload, by using a comprehensive and configurable ruleset and AI based on suspicious activity patterns. The system provides the following features:

Outgoing payment details are captured by transaction monitoring and screened via the following AI systems to identify the high risk and suspicious transactions.

Transaction Filtering and Screening: This AI-based component detects potential AML transactions and reduces false alerts. This module in turn uses CRR, Client screening, and onboarding to identify the potential transactions

Event-Driven Review: The transactions are then forwarded to this system, where the AML team conducts event-driven evaluations to detect and analyze the risks that consumers may bear, which might result in repetition and financial losses.

All the details are audited and actionable dashboards and reports are generated for further optimizing the system.