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The Premise

Oracle offers utilities with a comprehensive set of software alternatives. They address developing customer demands, speed delivery of utility-specific services, improve corporate administration performance, and transform business data into business intelligence.

Oracle helps utilities address pressing queries while developing toward a more cohesive, compelling IT future. You can achieve several pre-integrated applications that facilitate the growth and administration of cross-departmental business procedures. You may also regulate the entire Oracle applications and technology footprint to concentrate accountability and significantly decrease the resources you must use on vendor relationships.

Customizing vendors’ off-the-shelf software is costly, time-consuming, and unpredictable. Oracle resolves this obstacle by allowing you to accommodate software to your requirements through configuration.

Customer Care & Billing (CC&B)

Oracle provides utilities with a comprehensive set of applications and technologies to control the complete customer lifecycle and relevant business processes. Customer Care and Billing or (CC&B) is the prominent one among them.

Oracle billing element supplements an incomplete legacy billing application that cannot be substituted. It performs the complicated billing expected by many Smart Metering programs that include interval metering.

Oracle CC&B is a solution particular to customer service in the utilities business. It is an absolute billing and customer care application that manages every perspective of the customer lifecycle.

Oracle Utilities CC&B is a comprehensive billing and customer care application for utilities assisting private, business, and industrial customers. It addresses client and business data management while managing payment processing, multi-party billing, credit, and collections.

Its capability to display a 360-degree view of the customer gives a firm base for the contact center. Several editions of Oracle Utilities CC&B work in definite market models. You can prefer an edition based on market structure—competitive or controlled.

You can opt for an edition that addresses service type—water, electricity, gas, or a blend. Oracle Utilities CC&B editions also address the demands of integrated, retail, distribution, cooperative, and publicly maintained utilities.

Benefits of CC&B
  • It supports customer-oriented business methods through the elimination of data barriers between business units.
  • It ensures bill precision by automatically recognizing and solving issues before sending out billing statements.
  • It utilizes recommended practices from across the utility industry to enhance operational effectiveness.
  • It customizes bill formats according to customer choices.
  • It sends consolidated bills to a central corporate office and personal statements to service outlets.
  • It helps consumers fully understand their bills by providing graphs that display how consumption alters throughout the billing cycle.
  • It supports and shares regulated and extensible customer data across the organization to improve customer experience levels.
  • It combines its modern IT with internal platforms and external entities.
  • It offers a selection of bill and payment systems.
  • It offers real-time and reliable statistical data to grow its control and provide better authority over its operations.

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