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We help elevate utility management with tailored solutions like Testing Automation and Testing-as-a-Service for reliable, efficient automation of systems and regression testing at machine speed.

CriticalRiver’s automated testing platform is built for meter to cash, to stop that disruption before it gets into production.

We apply targeted on-line testing of top transactions – with repeatable test cases and data to ensure end users can still work, as well as batch comparison to ensure that the high volume of highly varied data in a nightly batch still produces expected results.

Automated On-Line Testing

  • Foreseen conditions
  • Extended lifecycles
  • ‘Negative’ testing of conditions not expected

Batch Comparison Testing

  • Very high volume of scenarios
  • Covers real production data scenarios

With CriticalRiver’s Testing Automation Services, our clients can put enhancements and fixes into production and still sleep at night.

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