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Salesforce Service Cloud is a help desk software that helps automate service procedures, optimize workflows, and find suitable topics and specialists for support. CriticalRiver, with its proven expertise, enables businesses to maintain one-to-one marketing relationships with every client to get a 360-degree view through a single platform. It allows sales agents to personalize customer service, provide innovative and quicker service, and close deals faster.

Sales Cloud assists sales reps and managers in automating the sales process. It is different because it provides both the account information and information assembled from various social media platforms to give all the customer data in one place. CriticalRiver enables more reliable insights, smart alerts about leads, and real-time reporting of overall business health. 

CriticalRiver provides Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud, which includes comprehensive end-to-end features like account, contact, lead, and opportunity management, as well as customized sales processes, sales orders, forecasting, and campaign management. You can improve the operational efficiency of your sales and services, reduce costs and risks, and get a better return on investment (ROI) by automating the whole process.

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