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Technological shifts in recent times have resulted in the development of electrical engineering, making the electrical circuitry in equipment complicated. Whether you intend to create or optimize and design the latest electrical systems, automate industrial operations, or fulfill project management objectives.

CriticalRiver can help you achieve your objectives in Electrical Engineering Design Services including Electrical Project Engineering, Estimating and Scheduling for New Installations and/or Modifications of Existing Systems. All our services are NESC and Utility compliant and FCC compliance for tracking the dates. Efficient product management can lower the probability of failures and ensure adherence to safety and regulatory benchmarks.

We provide comprehensive solutions in the Utility industry. Our engineers have in-depth knowledge in electrical engineering design services and efficiently support the evolution of systems consistent with low, medium, and elevated voltage applications.

Resource options include permanent in-house subcontract staffing, Talent-On-Demand, and Managed Services