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We help elevate utilities management with tailored solutions, provide Utilities Reporting and Insights, and Testing-as-a-Service for quality assurance in operations.

Utilities Reporting and Insights

This innovative solution provides businesses with pre-defined report templates or carefully curated bundles tailored to capture key metrics and insights. Designed for swift integration into various systems, these packages eliminate the time-consuming and often intricate process of constructing reports from the ground up. By streamlining this crucial function, businesses can swiftly access and analyze the necessary information, ensuring timely decision-making. This offering enhances operational agility and ensures consistent, standardized reporting across the board.


In the utility industry’s evolving digital landscape, Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) paired with multi-platform testing automation emerges as an essential tool. TaaS, facilitated through cloud-based platforms, offers seamless, outsourced end-to-end testing without hefty infrastructure investments. At CriticalRiver, we lead functional and regression testing, employing automation across the entire solution stack and vital edge systems. Leveraging top-tier test case management tools like Selenium, OATS, HPLM, OUTA, and IBM Rational/CLM suite ensures comprehensive testing. Integrating multi-platform testing automation into TaaS allows rigorous testing across diverse systems, ensuring cost-effective quality assurance, superior software reliability, and user experience, regardless of the platform.

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