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Partner and Client-side delivery support from 1 to 50 resources – onshore, near shore, and offshore.

Systems Integrator and Client-Side Implementation Services

Our services encompass specialized Oracle Energy and Water solutions such as C2M, CCS, CCB, MDM, AMS, and MWM. We also support advanced metering infrastructure, energy data management, analytics (OUA), and on-premise to cloud transitions. With expertise in implementations, enhancements, patches, upgrades, maintenance, support, and managed services, our solution engagements foster operational excellence through technology, allowing the Utility to focus on its core competencies and performance metrics.

Post-go-live SWAT Teams for Backlogs/To-Do Management

We go beyond implementation, providing tailored post-go-live support ranging from short-term SWAT teams to long-term staffing solutions. Our “To-Do” backlog management teams specialize in swiftly tackling and resolving post-go-live system exceptions. This includes prioritization and sequencing of work, escalation aversion, exception resolution, and supporting continuous knowledge transfer to utility staff.

End-to-End Utilities Integrations

Utility Integrations facilitate the seamless connection of diverse systems used by utility companies, such as metering, billing, customer service, dispatch, field work, GIS, assets/ inventory, general ledger, banking/ financial transactions, credit, collections, safety, regulatory, etc.

These integrations improve operational efficiency, streamline processes, and create real-time data flows for visibility into business operations. We support SOA Fusion, BizTalk, Workato, and other leading integration platforms.

Data Conversion

In an age where data is the new gold, ‘Data Conversion’ plays the pivotal role of a skilled artisan. This process meticulously translates data from one format or structure to another, ensuring its integrity and consistency. Whether it’s about ushering in new systems or merging diverse databases, data conversion ensures a seamless transition, preserving the essence and accuracy of the original data. By ensuring data remains both consistent and readily accessible, businesses can make informed decisions, build strategies, and offer value, all rooted in trustworthy data foundations. We specialize in large, complex data conversion programs for Oracle Energy and Water solutions.