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Cloud infrastructure refers to the elements required for cloud computing, including hardware, applications, repository, and network resources. Think of cloud infrastructure as the means necessary to create a cloud.

Services at CriticalRiver bring a consistent basis to any cloud deployment: public, private, or Multi-Cloud. With a definitive operating system that works the same in any backdrop, a container platform that lets packaged apps transfer from on-premise to cloud and cloud to cloud, and tools that help you handle and automate it all.

We offer the flexibility of open-source projects created by developers in communities operating to secure cloud data centers, incorporate infrastructure, and test safety credentials—to enterprise hybrid cloud ecosystems.

Our Cloud services include Cloud Strategy, Migration (Lift & Shift) Data Management, Cloud Optimization, Multi-Cloud Management, and Cloud Managed Services. CriticalRiver technologists are certified Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud experts.