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How Generative AI in Utility is Transforming Billing and Customer Service

How Generative AI in Utility is Transforming Billing and Customer ServiceIn the article, Gen AI is a subset of AI that focuses on creating content like customized billing and personalized communication, while AI broadly enhances efficiency and accuracy in utilities through...

Optimizing Business Operations with BPO and MLOps Integration: A Critical Growth Imperative in the Digital-First Era

Finding synergies between Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) offers a strategic advantage to enterprises. As practices that automate and simplify artificial intelligence (AI) workflows, machine learning operations (MLOps) add discipline...

Navigating the Data Challenge with CriticalRiver: Data-Driven Innovation in Pharmaceuticals

In the constantly evolving pharmaceutical industry, innovation does not mean just inventing the next breakthrough drug. It also means how well companies manage and utilize their data. However, moving from drug discovery to patient care involves a series of data challenges that...

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Hi-Tech Industries

Introduction  With smaller product life cycles, businesses operating in the High-tech sector, especially semi-conductor, need to produce better customer support to gain a competitive advantage.   Ordinary processes and inadequately integrated systems ruin companies, especially...

Enable Software Quality with Effective Testing

CriticalRiver has elaborated its services for organizations wishing to outsource all or a portion of their software QA activities. We equip our customers with autonomous QA and analysis services to grab the demand and eliminate the barriers between great ideas and their...

Managed Services

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Salesforce Applications

Salesforce is a dynamic platform with frequent releases & you need to make sure that your CRM never stays behind in the competitive circuit....

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Oracle/NetSuite Applications

Once Oracle Cloud is installed into your system, the focus moves to managing more comprehensive business productivity and unfastening the true...

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Utilities Billing Applications

Utility bill control reduces the time-consuming task your company may encounter in preparing utility bill data and maintaining payment records for...

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Custom Cloud Applications

IT is developing quickly, demanding critical components such as safety and performance to be at the center of your business decisions. CriticalRiver...

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Mobile Applications

With the growing size and variety of BYOD and corporate-owned devices being utilized in companies today, a developing challenge for IT departments...

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