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Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation – Los Angeles Film School

Pleasanton, CA, July 31, 2020

CriticalRiver Inc. a trusted technology consulting company announced the successful implementation and go-live of Salesforce Community Cloud for The Los Angeles Film School (LAFS). LAFS is a renowned college that offers accredited campus and online programs in Filmmaking, Audio Production, Computer Animation, Music Production, Graphic Design and Entertainment Business for domestic and international students.

LAFS was facing challenges with applications getting lost due to complicated and unintuitive registration/application process and manual communications/follow-ups. CriticalRiver implemented Salesforce Community Cloud to simplify the LAFS application submission process.

The solution features include – E-Sign registration to reduce the number of incomplete registrations, applicant dashboard to provide easy access to relevant information, guided task progress to reduce application errors, notification, online forms, electronic signature, and email communication to reduce manual back and forth correspondence.

Iyob Araia, Vice President of Information and Media Technology at LAFS said “CriticalRiver’s Salesforce Community Cloud implementation enabled us to significantly improve the digital experience of applicants. It also helped us with speed, and agility for our employees to process, and scale applications resulting in more applications processed in less time, while the digital transformational process reduced the email/call follow-ups. We’ll continue our relationship with CriticalRiver for automation of other areas”.

James Winstead, Vice President Marketing outlined the vision of LAFS and said “CriticalRiver built a very nice looking application portal. The idea is to create a community and build an information repository that allows applicants to find information that helps them determine to proceed with enrolment in our school without committing through long conversations and chats. Our vision is to use the community aspect to the fullest extent”.

He further added “We’re very happy with the direction we are going, and I’m pleased with how it looks now versus how it was before, not only in design and functionality but also in terms of an increase in total performance”

Anji Maram, Founder, and CEO of CriticalRiver said “CriticalRiver’s excels in offering digital transformational solutions to our customers, and we really feel honored that we are a technology partner for such a prestigious institution and humbled that we helped LAFS improve efficiency and productivity. This partnership between CriticalRiver and Los Angeles Film School will go a long way in deepening our business relationship, and we’ll continue to serve them in the future”.

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