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Pole loading analysis determines the pressures acting on a pole and examines its structural integrity. Exact pole loading estimates are critical when reporting to regulatory bodies for adherence objectives, defining the effect of additional extensions, or designing pole substitutes.

Practical analysis of pole loading aspects shall help the efficient allocation of electric utilities and help calculate and mitigate the risk elements associated with each overhead line. CriticalRiver’s engineering team can deliver precise pole-level analytics effortlessly with data obtained from the customer’s field staff. Time-tested software enables efficient field assembly and scalable heights extraction. Pole loading services are essential to safely supporting utility infrastructure. CriticalRiver’s Exhaustive pole load analysis, Formulate and deliver the right-fit project implementation recommendations and suggestions, Post construction/implementation audit submission to all stakeholders. We are proud to present a more helpful way to do it!

Resource options include permanent in-house subcontract staffing, Talent-On-Demand, and Managed Services