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Anji Maram is the founder and chief executive officer of CriticalRiver, a leading technology consulting company. He is responsible for all aspects of the company’s growth strategy, team, operations and initiatives across CR’s global network of nine offices. He co-founded CriticalRiver in 2014 with the vision to capture digital-disruption opportunities, unlock true value across technology and services, improve operational efficiency and provide customers with maximum satisfaction.

Prior to starting CriticalRiver, Anji worked extensively in technology-based companies, holding key leadership positions in many firms, including Oracle. Anji was part of the original team that created the Oracle Software that millions use even today. Between 2006 and 2009, Anji worked as the Oracle applications solution architect at Sun Microsystems. He was also the managing partner and vice-president (technologies, architecture, delivery & off-shore operations) at Selectiva Systems Inc from 2008 to 2011.

Based in San Ramon, USA, Anji is an alumnus of UCLA, University of Louisiana, and BITS Pilani, India.
Anji is committed to giving back to society and to the people he grew up with. He is keen on making a difference for the underprivileged. As part of his commitment, Anji founded the Medville Corporation in 2015 which aimed at reaching out to international patients seeking medical treatment in the US. Anji often describes himself as the chief empathy officer, a quality he prizes in every member of the growing CriticalRiver family.